Auburn Hills church of Christ


Let God's love in us become a hallmark in projecting the love of Jesus, by denying ourselves and caring for the needs of others, that all in Auburn Hills and the world may receive the salvation and nuturing of God.

Our History...(Page 2)

about1University Drive supported many missionaries: Wallis Mays (Finland); Thelma Eubank (Malaysia); Joe Eddings (Escanaba, MI); Penny Close (France); Otis Gatewood (Russia); Steven Bilak (World Radio); Jonnie Stoval (Indonesia); and Christian Nsoah (Ghana).

Ministers included Boyd Glover, Wes Whitt, Noal Crawford, Si Tilton, and Charlie Tutor. Elders were Otis Palmer, Bill Yates, Ersel Riggenbock, Joe Priestley, Darrel S Ashby, and Argyll C Allen.

The congregation remained there until 1991, when the building was sold on November 12th to Baker College. Because of the cost of the upkeep of the building and the decrease in attendence, a move was necessary. On the same day, papers were signed for the purchase of the building that we are currently in.

The preachers that have served (and are serving) in this mission are: Claude Thomas, Flavil Hall, Frank Killom, Delbert McGee, L H Andrews, L V McGary, Jack Hawkins, LL Yeagley, Ed Alexander, David Allen, Walter Bankes, Milton Truex, WW Hall, Boyd Glover, Wes Whitt, Nolan Crawford, Si Tilton, Charlie Tutor, Bud Bayliss, Richard Jones, and Tim Neal.

As of October 12, 2011, the church in Pontiac/Auburn Hills will be celebrating its 91st anniversary. What a wonderful history the church has had all of these years. Many great things have been done by many faithful people. May the Lord of the universe grant us many more years of growth and faithfulness in His service. May he continue to bless the work that was started so many years ago by faithful men and women who never gave up