Auburn Hills church of Christ


Let God's love in us become a hallmark in projecting the love of Jesus, by denying ourselves and caring for the needs of others, that all in Auburn Hills and the world may receive the salvation and nuturing of God.

Our History...

about1The church in Pontiac first met in a house on Auburn Ave. on October 12, 1920, at that time the Vinewood church was supporting this mission work. In 1927, the small congregation (with the aid of Vinewood) purchased a lot on the corner of East Pike and Tasmania in Pontiac. They proceeded to build a church house - a red brick, two-story structure at 2 South Tasmania.

Claude Thomas was the first full-time preacher; next came Flavil Hall who stayed until 1930. By 1929, elders were appointed to shepherd the flock. Some of the early members were: Margaret Girdley, Archie Hastings, Ira Wilkins, the Chitticks, the Kaufmans, Gerry & Ada Wilkins, the Paits, and others.

Because of the Great Depression, many of the members were forced to return to their former homes. The few who remained were faithful and held things together. Slowly the congregation began to grow again, so that by 1953, the building on Tasmania was being outgrown (with regular attendences of 350 or more).

That year, property was purchased at 1180 N. Perry Street, on the north end of Pontiac (near Pontiac Northern High School). The congregation began meeting there in 1954 with the completion of the building (Bill & Melba's wedding was the first in the new building).

Ministers during this time were Walter E. Bankes (who baptized Janice Parent), Milton Truex, and W.W. Hall. Some of the elders serving during this time were Lewis Hatcher, Ira J. Wilkins, Argyll C. Allen, and Bude H. Little.

The building had a capacity of about 600, with 10-12 small classrooms in the basement. With continued growth in the congregation (and lack of classroom space), property was purchased at 1500 University Drive, near Opdyke Road. The cornerstone was set on April 13, 1968, and on January 4, 1970, the congregation held the dedication of the building. Brother Boyd Glover was minister at the time who did much for the chain of events which resulted in the building.

While at University Drive, much happened. The International School of Evangelism was started by Dennis Wineburger and Lee Hodges; several missionaries were supported; many members were instrumental in starting missions in areas such as Clawson, Lake Orion, Walled Lake, Sylvan Lake, Rochester, and others; sponsored youth rallys and several outreach programs.

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